Boiler Problems - repair or replace?

This time of year always throws up a increase in central heating boiler breakdowns. As an experienced boiler engineer I am often asked to advise Customers on the best option to get their heating back working.

There are two options
1. If the fault is a simple one, which does not require any expensive parts, the advice is always to repair the boiler and then carry out a full boiler service.

2. If the boiler requires a major part such as a fan, P.C.B. or a gas value, then the repair can become quite costly. In this case, the following points must be considered.
- General condition of the boiler
- If any other boiler parts are likely to fail in the short term
- The age of the boiler (if over 10 years old, it is nearing the end of useful lifespan)

With this in mind, I recommend a maximum spend of €250 to repair a ten year old boiler. Beyond that, your hard earned cash is far better going towards a new high efficiency boiler.