The importance of having your gas boiler serviced regularly

Annual boiler service is critical to stay safe, save money and extend the life of your boiler. 

Stay safe

A gas boiler service will identify any gas leaks or damage to the boiler casing which could lead to fumes entering the house. A regular boiler service will keep you and your family safe!

Save money

A boiler service will ensure that the boiler is operating to its highest efficiency, saving money on fuel bills. Regular service also catches issues early therefore avoiding the need for costly repairs. 

Prolong boiler life

A boiler service will provide regular cleaning of components such as the fans and flue, which can prolong the life span of your boiler by years.

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Boiler Problems - repair or replace?

This time of year always throws up a increase in central heating boiler breakdowns. As an experienced boiler engineer I am often asked to advise Customers on the best option to get their heating back working.

There are two options
1. If the fault is a simple one, which does not require any expensive parts, the advice is always to repair the boiler and then carry out a full boiler service.

2. If the boiler requires a major part such as a fan, P.C.B. or a gas value, then the repair can become quite costly. In this case, the following points must be considered.
- General condition of the boiler
- If any other boiler parts are likely to fail in the short term
- The age of the boiler (if over 10 years old, it is nearing the end of useful lifespan)

With this in mind, I recommend a maximum spend of €250 to repair a ten year old boiler. Beyond that, your hard earned cash is far better going towards a new high efficiency boiler.